Fourteen Months Abroad – Haarlem, Holland

July 15.—Haarlem, ten miles from Amsterdam on the river Spaarne, is, as we all know, noted for its flowers and bulbs. Twenty-five minutes by train carried us there this morning. On our arrival we first took a ride by horse car to the beautiful park Haarlemmer Haut. There we found fine large trees like forest trees and beautiful deer—some little spotted ones. They came to us from their house to be fed. There were seats, a restaurant and flowers. Then we went to the flower establishment or grounds of Krelage and Son, to see where the Holland bulbs are raised. We saw the bulbs on shelves as well as in the garden. A fine display of beautiful gladiolus blossoms called “Queen of Holland” interested us. Lilies were in bloom, also blue salvia and white. The latter we had never seen elsewhere. Over the doorways of buildings at the entrance to the Park there were growing flowers.

At the Haarlem station a music box was giving oat sweet music. In the streets they were shaking carpets. We know that we left much unseen in Haarlem and regret that our stay there was so brief.