Fourteen Months Abroad – Innsbruck, Austria

October 8.—The absence of sunshine during our stay of about a week in Munich did not make us unhappy, but now we felt that we must have it for the mountain journey that was before us. There was an appearance of clearing when we left Munich at 8:25 this morning. The scenery was not interesting at first, but two women ploughing with a pair of cows, one holding the plough and the other leading the team, did interest us. The groves of spruce trees and other evergreens, the great piles of peat which men were cutting out, the small huts or sheds in the fields for storing hay and corn, the small stacks of hay with a stick in the center, the mosque-like domes on churches, the tiny, miniature churches, and a man in Austria with curled black feathers on his hat—all these we enjoyed seeing. After leaving Rosenheim the mountains began to show themselves, veiled more or less, but interesting, the clouds playing hide and seek with them, sometimes covering them and sometimes covering the peaks and leaving us to imagine how high the mountains were. Again, the clouds rested below the peaks or summits. There were sharp peaks and peaks that had the appearance of being cut off. Other mountain tops were round. At Kufstein we reached the boundary line between Austria and Bavaria. There we changed cars and our baggage was examined. Only one trunk was opened. During our stay there (an hour) we walked across the bridge over the river Inn, a branch of the Danube, to see a castle among the mountains. Here the snow was all gone from the ever-greens except on the high mountains. We waited in a restaurant at Kufstein.

We find Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian Tyrol, an interesting city among the mountains, on both sides of the riven Inn. The grand mountains which surround the town are from 6,000 to 9,000 feet high. It is said that “nowhere else in the world can be found a town of equal importance placed amidst a landscape of such lofty grandeur and ideal beauty.” We walked about the place this afternoon and this evening have seen the mountains by moonlight. We have seen a fine gateway and a church with a handsome interior and numerous old fashioned arcades in front of the stores and on both sides of the street Herzog Freidrich.