Letters From Constantinople

There has been no mail before tonight, so I open this again to say we have been three days here in Constantinople. They have been very full of sight-seeing. It is the strangest life to look at, and like a dream every hour. I have seen St. Sophia, the bazaars, the howling dervishes, the dancing dervishes, the Sultan, and much besides, of which I will tell you some other time. Tomorrow we leave for Smyrna. I received the American papers from our minister here, and shall get your letters when I reach Alexandria, or Athens, about New Year’s.

I have met here a young Mr. W. S. Appleton of Boston, son of Nathan Appleton, I believe, who joins us in our trip to Syria. He is a good fellow, so with our dragoman and servants we shall make a strong party. Good-by for the third time. Love to all.