Norway – Cavernous mouth of huge Brigsdal glacier


There is now before the cavern more fallen ice than when we saw it from across the valley. Some of those great fragments broke off and crashed on the ground while the photographer was standing here with his camera. Evidently that ice cavern would not be a safe region to explore !

By the way, here is a chance to see the making of just such a moraine or bed of debris as we found turned into farmlands down beside the lake (Positions 67 and 68). If the glacial action keeps on long enough, a big bed of its rock scrapings may accumulate here and gradually become transformed into fertile earth. Geologists say that the very existence of Lake Olden itself is caused by the accumulation of an ancient glacial moraine at the north end of the valley, acting like a dam to hold the valley waters back from the fjord.

In order to get some idea of what it would be like to cross such an ice river as this, let us watch our two guides clambering over part of one of the edges close by.