Norway – Espelandsfos, one of the loveliest waterfalls in all Scandinavia

That is the highway by which we have come. The waiting horse is headed toward Odde. That loop of road at the left has been constructed to allow carriages to come up for the view and return without backing the horse. They take a good deal of trouble nowadays to help strangers see the beauties of the country, and an especially large number of tourists come to this point because the Hamburg-American and other popular excursion boats go to Odde, and this is only a comfortable ride—three hours or so—from the village. A little hotel has in fact been built up here on this side hill, and takes care of a good many transient guests during the season. A three-hour drive gives one a good appetite for bread and cheese, fish, fresh milk, smoking coffee, and sweet wild strawberries !

Those waters that seem in such haste have only a comparatively short journey now to reach the ocean—that is, a long fjord below here at the north.

But before they have gone many rods they receive another contribution, a double contribution as it were, from the hills on this east side of the highway.