Travel Letters: Around Paris (1870)

DEAR WILLIAM, — I write a line, which will probably not get home before I do, but I may be detained, and this will tell you that I am well and coming. Yesterday was too busy and exciting a day to write. As the telegraph will have told you, there was a blood-less revolution and we went to bed last night under a Republic. I saw the whole thing, and was much interested in seeing how they make a Government here. You can have no conception of the excitement in Paris all day.

I shall leave here tomorrow or Wednesday for Havre, and sail thence on Friday morning. There has been some difficulty in getting out of Paris, but I do not anticipate any this week. Still, at the very last there may be something to hinder, and even should the Ville de Paris arrive without me, do not be worried, but know that I will turn up soon.

Good-by, love to all. Vive la République !