Travel Letters: Baden, Switzerland (1800’s)

I had a day or two in Baden – Baden, and then came on as far as here, where my tour of Switzerland really begins. I enjoyed Baden very much indeed. Its situation is most beautiful, and everything just now is looking its best. The great gambling-place is not quite as full as usual this year. The war has kept some away, but there is plenty of gayety there, and the tables are going from morning until night. Sunday morning, just after breakfast, I saw them at it, and I did not sit up late enough to see the end. The walks and drives through the country about Baden are charming. No wonder it is a place of such attraction. I came from there here. This is a quiet little town, with the usual old cathedral and a picture gallery, and the Rhine running through it. There is nothing particularly interesting about it. I am waiting only till this afternoon for Strong, whom I left in Paris, and who will probably overtake me here.

It is getting quite warm, and no doubt we shall suffer enough from the heat in some parts of Switzerland ; but there are always the mountains to retreat to, and with a glacier close at hand one ought to be able to get along.

I hope you are counting the time as closely as I am to my getting home. Only twelve weeks more, and there I am. How you will miss the chance of writing me a letter every week, and what a saving there will be in postage! I am hoping to hear, when I get to Geneva, of Fred’s ordination, and perhaps of his settlement somewhere. I hope he will not be in a hurry to decide where to go. There is so much to do everywhere that he can have his choice, and it will be a great deal better if he waits till fall.

I am glad you have had a journey. I hope you went to West Point and Niagara. I depend on hearing all about it. Next year you and father must come over to the Great Exposition. Now good-by for another week. Love to all. Most affectionately,