Travel Letters: Florence (1882)

DEAR WILLIAM, — How do you all do this week? Dear me, how the weeks go by, and the hot summer slips away ! Since last Sunday we have had a pretty sail from Genoa to Leghorn, a bright day in Pisa, a nice three days in Florence, and a visit to Sienna and Orvieto. Just think of Orvieto, where we slept Friday night, within two hours and a half of Rome itself !

Do you remember Florence? There is a cathedral here, a Baptistery, a Campanile, and there are Donatellos, Andrea del Sartos, and Lucca della Robbias ; and they all look just the same as they did five years ago. It is not quite so hot as when we were here last, but it is the same bright, happy-looking place, and the same man sells lemonade under the shadow of the loggia. Tomorrow morning we are off for Bologna, Ravenna, and then Venice. Think of us on Sunday the 20th, at Milan, and Sunday the 27th, at Paris. Our party has held together beautifully, and there has been lots of fun. I shall meet Arthur and Lizzie for a while after the 1st of September. I heard from John yesterday, who seems delighted with Marion and his house.

My next prospect is Germany, and I am counting much on it.