Travel Letters: Grand Hotel, Paris (1885)

MY DEAR TODD, — It really begins to look as if I were actually coming home, for you see the Pavonia arrived yesterday at Liverpool, and she will stay there until next Wednesday, and then she expects me to go back in her. It seems very likely, therefore, that two weeks from day after to-morrow, I shall come ashore in Boston ; then I shall see you and have the chance to thank you for all your pleasant letters, which it has been a very great delight to get, and which have very much relieved the weariness and troubles of my journey. I think that you are one of the very best letter writers for your time of life that I know, and when you drop into poetry it is beautiful. So I will thank you when I get home, and we will sit in the shadow of the corn-barn and talk it all over.

Paris is very bright and gay and pretty. Yesterday I went out to the Jardin d’Acclimatation (say that if you can), and the monkeys were awfully funny. How would it do to get three monkeys for North Andover, and tie them to a post in the side yard and see them play and fight ? How would Tom like it ? And do you think it would please Johnny, or would he only think they were some more Brooks children ? I am afraid you have not seen much of Johnny this year. That is not wise. For he is a very brilliant little boy, and it would be a great advantage to you and A. if you talked with him.

Your affectionate uncle, P. Index Of Articles About Paris