Travel Letters: Hotel Continental, Milan, Italy (1882)

DEAR WILLIAM, — They have a new hotel at Milan, so we are not staying where you and I put up five years ago. I have thought very much about our visit here. Indeed, the whole of the last three weeks has reminded me of much that we did together in that pleasant and memorable summer. Florence, Bologna, Venice, Verona, we have been to all of them, throwing in some new places, some of which I had never seen before. I think that I enjoyed the re-seeing of old places almost, if not quite, as much as the discovery of new ones. The deepening and filling out of old impressions is very delightful.

Here our summer party begins to go to pieces. Mr. Richardson and Mr. Jacques start tomorrow morning for Marseilles and Spain. James, McVickar, and I go northward by Maggiore and the Simplon to Brieg, Martigny, Chamounix, Geneva, and Paris. Our journey together has been very delightful. Richardson is full of intelligence and cultivation in his own art, and Jacques is a pleasant fellow, who has made us all like him very much. We shall miss them both exceedingly. Almost no other Americans have come in our way. I saw Mr. Augustus Lowell and his family in Venice ; and Daniel Dougherty of Philadelphia (whom you and I went once to hear lecture, — do you remember ?) turned up in the cathedral the other day.

I thank you for your good letters, and for an ” Advertiser ” which I received yesterday. I hope that you will give a newspaper a chance of reaching me now and then. P.