Travel Letters: Manitou Springs, Colorado (1886)

MY DEAR AGNES, —You wrote me such a very nice and interesting letter, which I received the other day when I was among the Mormons, that I must acknowledge it by sending this week’s letter to you. It is my only chance, for before next week’s letter is written I shall be rushing across Kansas and Missouri on the way home, and should overtake my letter if I wrote one. So this shall be the last.

I wish I could look in upon you at North Andover this morning, though this place is very pretty, the top of Pike’s Peak very high, and the waterfalls are very noisy ; so are the visitors, for it is a real summer place, like a White Mountain hotel. It would be pleasant, instead of breakfasting in a few minutes in the room next to this, to come into your dining-room and eat a great deal better breakfast than we shall get here. Well, it will come in two weeks.

I shall get to Boston Saturday morning. Then I must spend Sunday there. I have a meeting to which I shall go on Monday evening, so I may not get to Andover till Tuesday, and must come down again for Commencement on Wednesday and Thursday. That week will be a good deal broken up ; but after that is over, I shall live at the old house all the time.

This is Bunker Hill day, isn’t it? Little those people knew about Pike’s Peak and Salt Lake City !

You must give my love to everybody, and some day write another letter to your

Affectionate uncle, PHILLIPS.