Travel Letters: Nimes, France (1882)

DEAR WILLIAM, — I am afraid that a little letter which I wrote from Paris must do duty, and fill the gap between my last to you and this. After we left Paris, we traveled somewhat rapidly through France until we reached this place. What we saw specially was a group of churches in Auvergne, in and about Clermont, in which Richardson is especially interested, and which indeed give the key to a great deal that is in Trinity. They are very curious, and I am glad to have seen them. Besides, we saw one or two funny little French watering-places and some fine scenery, finer than anything which I had supposed there was in France. We are spending a quiet Sunday here, and next week shall very possibly start for Spain, where we may spend a few weeks, but our plans are uncertain. Richardson and his young friend Jacques are still with us.

I have heard little from home, but am thankful to know that all goes well. There were a few lines on the outside of a forwarded letter, which reached me here, in which you told me that Arthur and Lizzie sailed on the 11th. They must be now in Europe. I hope they will let me know their whereabouts, and that I may see them before they go home. It seems very strange that we should all be in Europe, and not know anything about each other’s ways. Allen writes me about the church, which seems to be getting on well.

I wish you were here, but do write me all about everything. My love to all. P.