Travel Letters: On The H. M. S. Majestic (1892)

DEAR MARY, — I miss my old companions very much indeed. It would be very delightful if you and G. were on deck today, as I am sure you would be if you were on board. The day is delightful, and the big ship is going splendidly. She is a magnificent great thing, and could put our dear little Cephalonia into her waistcoat pocket. Her equipment is sumptuous and her speed is something tremendous, but I do not know that I like her as well as the old-fashioned little boats which seem more homelike, and where one knows how to find his way about. Our captain is Purcell, who commanded the Adriatic when G., you, and I once sailed on her. He has given me the use of his deck-room during the day, so I have a lovely, quiet time . Mr. Howard Potter and his family, and Dr. and Mrs. Watson of Boston, with whom I sit at an extra table in the hall which opens on the deck, are about all of whom I see anything.

Yesterday we had service, and I preached in the great saloon in the morning, and in the evening I held a service for the second-class passengers, of whom there is a multitude. There is no gong for meals, but two rosy little sailor boys march through the ship with bugles playing a tune to call us, which is very pretty indeed. Wednesday morning we shall get to Queenstown, and that night I hope to dine and sleep at the Adelphi, where I will eat some mushrooms in your honor. Then I go to London, where I shall be on Thursday night, and ever so many nights afterwards, I trust. It looks very nice, but indeed I should not have been disappointed if the Majestic could not have taken me, and I had been left in North Andover for the summer, as I expected when I saw you last. May it be a beautiful summer to you all.

Yours affectionately and majestically, P.