Travel Letters: On The Steamship Etruria (1885)

MY DEAR GERTIE, — This letter will show you that I have got safely over to Queenstown. The people are just finishing their breakfasts in the cabin, that is, the lazy ones who have come up late from their state-rooms.

I had my breakfast two hours ago, and have been walking up and down the deck since then. There are a lot of people up there, among them a good many children. Some very nice-looking boys ! Everybody seems to have had a pleasant voyage. There has been no storm, and most of the time the water has been as quiet as a bath tub. On Sunday it was a little rough. – The Doctor read service, and we had no sermon, because the people wanted to get on deck again.

I received the letter which you all wrote to me. I found it on the table in the cabin, just after the steamer sailed. It was very good of you to write, and it made a very pleasant last good-by, after uncle Arthur had left me on deck, and I thought I should not see or hear from anybody I knew, at least for a whole week.

I wish you were here ! We would go to walk on the deck and see the people play shuffleboard, then we would find a quiet place behind the smokestack and sit down and smoke. I suppose you are getting ready to go up to North Andover. Do take good care of ” Tom,” and do not let the pony bully him. .. . When you get this, think of me in London having a beautiful time.. . . Ever and ever

Your affectionate uncle, P.