Travel Letters: Prague (1882)

You never saw Prague, did you? You must some day. It is immensely curious and picturesque. It is Austrian, and Austria is poor stuff by the side of Germany. Austria really seems to be no nation at all, made up as it is of a heap of people and languages, which have no association with each other. Germany has ideas, and a great notion of her future, and of having a mission in the world. All that makes her interesting. Austria has nothing of the kind, and her petty tyranny is endless. These riots in Vienna are signs of what a suppressed and discontented life her people lead. But still she is worth seeing, and for two weeks I shall be on her soil. Thanksgiving Day I spend in Venice, and the next day the Poonah sails, so think of me as you eat your turkey, dining at Danielis, and direct your letters after you get this, until further notice, to the care of Messrs. Lang, Moir & Co., Bombay.

Will you do an errand for me ? Will you go into Williams’s and get two copies of my ” Influence of Jesus ” and send them to some Berlin friends, to whom I have promised them ?