Travel Letters: Returning To Hamburg, Germany (1872)

DEAR FATHER, — I feel as if I owed you and mother about a dozen letters to-day, for since last Sun-day I have been wonderfully blessed in the way of hearing from you. At Copenhagen I received eighteen letters, the accumulation of the summer, and now I understand all about you and your doings up to August 16. You must have had a frightful summer, with the heat and the thunder-storms. I am sorry for the discomfort you must have suffered, but glad of the philosophy with which you seem to have borne it.

I passed a day in Berlin, and then went to Lubeck, where I stayed another day. It is a picturesque old place, the most old-fashioned town in northern Europe, and I had a good time there. Then a pleas-ant sail of fifteen hours carried me to Copenhagen, where I spent three days. It is full of interest. The Museum of Northern Antiquities is something quite unique. I had a letter from Mr. Winthrop to the Di-rector, Professor W , but found that he had gone away to the Archeological Congress at Brussels, but the letter secured me a reception by one of his assistants, who went carefully with me through the museum. I found also in Copenhagen a gentleman with whom I crossed in the Hammonia two years ago, who was very hospitable, and so I enjoyed the place very much. I bought one or two pieces of old carved furniture, which will be at home by and by. One day I went to Elsinore, and saw the ships in the Straits, and walked on the platform where Hamlet met the ghost. The great Exhibition is open at Copenhagen, and I saw the King, all the royal people, and the Princess of Wales. Last night I came thence by rail and boat to this great town. Among my letters was one from Fred, who wanted me to meet him in Paris, and I think I shall do so. I have thought of going back to Berlin for the great review next Saturday, but I shall give that up, a noble sacrifice to fraternal affection. I shall go by way of the Rhine, and next Sun-day Frederick and I will be at the Hotel du Louvre, Paris. Two weeks from to-day we shall be on the Thuringia.

Your affectionate son,