Travel Letters: Salzburg, Austria (1885)

DEAR WILLIAM, — When I reached here yesterday, I found a group of delightful letters from North Andover, which had the flavor of the old place about them. I think about you now as settled there, with the Jack-o’-lanterns burning on the garden wall.

I have left England after a most delightful visit. It was full of interesting occurrences, and I shall look back upon it with the greatest pleasure. Now we are on our way southward, and after a drive through the Tyrol, we shall probably bring up for a few days in Venice ; then back to Switzerland, where we shall have about three weeks. Seven weeks from this after-noon I shall be afloat, headed for Queenstown and Boston. All goes beautifully. The weather is delightful, and the scenery, pictures, and cathedrals are the same splendid things that they have been for the last twenty years and many years before. Tell G. to keep as right as she can till the 11th of September, and after that I will look after her; and thank S. for her account of the corn-barn banquet, which made my mouth water very much indeed.

The programme for the Church Congress in the autumn, which you inclosed in your letter, really made one believe that there was to be a new campaign begun by and by, but it seems very far off now. Still, I think we will not carry out our little plan of retiring from active life this autumn. Let us wait another year.

Ever affectionately, P.