Travel Letters: The Grand Hotel, Paris, France (1866)

DEAR WILLIAM, — In answer to your last letter, here comes mine, written in a great hurry, at the last moment; you see I am so lazy, this farewell week in Paris, that I have not time for anything. My work is over, and I am just sitting here like a fellow who runs over the index of the book he has been reading, to see this epitome of all Europe and of all the world, — the cosmopolitan city, sparkling, beautiful Paris. But you will be here some day and see it for yourself, so what ‘s the use of telling you? Since I wrote from Munich, I have roamed down into the Tyrol and back again, and seen there some of the most picturesque of scenery and life. Then I put right off for here, where I shall stay till a week from tomorrow morning, when I take the train for a sixteen hours’ ride to Brest, and then on Saturday afternoon go aboard the Ville de Paris, Captain Saumon, for New York. I shall get out of New York by the earliest conveyance for Boston, and probably be with you some time on the 26th or 27th. The last trip of the steamer from New York took a little over nine days. We shall be likely, at this season, to be a little slower, bet you shall see me as soon as I can get over to Boston. Will you not drop a line to New York and tell them to send the “Nation ” to Philadelphia ?

So good-by. When you hear the doorbell ring at No. 41, some time week after next, if you don’t make haste to let me in, I will give it to you.

Your affectionate brother,