Travel Letters: Walker Hotel, Salt Lake City (1889)

DEAR WILLIAM,— This is the first letter of the great new series. It will not amount to much, but will let you know that we have come thus far without accident, discomfort, or delay, and are spending Sun-day among the Mormons. The day is bright and warm, and we shall sit with content this afternoon in the great Tabernacle, and see the queer people go through their queer worship. In the cool of the evening we shall leave for Ogden, and sleep in the hurrying car which carries us to San Francisco, where we shall arrive at noon on Wednesday.

Everything here looks just as it did three years ago. The great Temple has grown, but is many years from its completion, and the Mormons and Gentiles who fill the streets are the same lank and loungy crowd. I do not want to live here, and do not see any danger that I shall have to. We saw the mighty scenery of the Denver and Rio Grande, gazed at Pike’s Peak, rushed through the Grand Carlon of the Arkansas, and reached here in time for a drive and a bed last night. The heat has not been troublesome, and Japan does not seem to have such a sultry climate, after all.

All begins well. May everything go well with you until we meet again. My love to all, and tell them I am in North Andover in heart today.