Travel Letters: Wengern Alp (1885)

DEAR WILLIAM, — A letter from the Wengern Alp must go to you, for the view which is before me as I write brings back most vividly the day we climbed from Grindenwald, and sat and looked at the white beauty for an hour before we scrambled down to Lauterbrunnen and went on our way to Thun. I came up the same way yesterday afternoon, on a better horse than I had the day I was with you, and reached here just in time to see the evening light. This morning the sunrise was delightful, and now, as I write, I can see the glorious Jungfrau with its splendid snow ; and the avalanches keep thundering all the time, and sending up their clouds of icy dust. I wish you were here !

What terribly hot days you must have had ! One of the great discoveries of the future will be how to deal with the temperature of the world, and cool a whole city as you cool a refrigerator, or warm a continent as you warm a house.

It seems as if the Americans were at home this summer, for I have seen hardly any. Dr. Osgood and his family and Mrs. Copley Green and her children were at Lucerne, and I went to see them at the Englisher Hof, after service at that English church where we went, you remember, one Sunday in 1877. Three weeks from today I sail ; then, in ten days, I shall see you all. Affectionately, P.