Venice – The Academy – Hall Of Callot.

Landscapes, etc., mainly Dutch, and requiring no explanation.


Hall of the Painters of Friuli.

Friuli is a poor mountain district north of Venice ; it produced a group of peculiar followers of Bellini, noticeable for their dry formal drawing. I will pass rapidly through these pictures, not many of which are of the first order.

159. Martino da Udine. Half-length Madonna and Child, with saints and donors, (Jerome, Daniel, Catharine, and Antony Abbot.)

160. Girolamo da Santa Croce. St. Mark with Gospel and lion.

164. Marcello Fogolino. Madonna and Child, with Franciscan saints ; from L. to R., Bonaventura, Clara, Francis, Antony of Padua, Bernardino, Louis of Toulouse.

166. Rocco Marconi, far the finest of the Friulans. Descent from the Cross, his masterpiece. The Magdalen to the R. is very beautiful ; the St. John is (contrary to usage) represented as old ; in the background, a Dominican woman saint (others say, St. Monica) and St. Benedict, or perhaps St. Dominic. (I think the former, as it comes from a Servite church). This is a touching work. Fine landscape background. Great breadth and exquisite clear colour. On either side of it, good Virtues by Girolamo da Udine.

147 is a plague-picture, with the now familiar figures of San Rocco and St. Sebastian.

148 and 150. A divided Annunciation.

149. The Risen Christ, by Francesco da Santa Croce,

151. Martine’da Udine. An Annunciation, showing the later mode of envisaging this conventional subject ; the angel’s floating draperies are intended to indicate that he has travelled through space.

I do not dwell upon the many other good examples of the somewhat dry Friulan manner in this room, not because they are not worthy of patient study, but because most of them are now sufficiently explained to the reader by their labels, with the aid of the hints already supplied him.


Hall of the Flemings, contains several excellent Flemish pictures, worthy of study in themselves, but which I pass by as not specially connected with Venice. Some of them are lovely.

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