Venus Di Medici

It is to be observed, that the ancients represented the superb, the dignified, or heroic, as the Niobes, Apollos, above the size of life; while the exquisite and beautiful, as the Venus di Medici, the Hermaphrodite, Cupid, and Psyche, are all small. The Venus di Medici is truly a subject for the little and beautiful, measuring only four feet eleven inches, and four lines in stature. This statue is exquisite in all its forms and proportions, in symmetry, in slender, round, finely-tapered limbs, in the joining of the haunch bone, in the loins—all perfect: how exquisite must it have been in its original state ! But this must now be left to the imagination; for it is much injured by the restored parts. Difficult indeed it must have been, to enter into the ideas and feelings of so sublime an artist; and, accordingly, it has been found impossible. There is an affectation in the manner of the restored hands, more especially in the curve of the right hand and arm, that is most unpleasing; yet the whole work, as it presents itself, is most beautiful; and, if such nude figures are to be permitted, nothing can be conceived more exquisite.