Washington DC – Congressional Cemetery

AT the foot of E Street southeast, is the Congressional Cemetery, originally called Washington Parish Burial Ground. It was laid out in 1807 by residents of the eastern quarter of the city, and after-ward came under the control of Christ Episcopal Church. As the government made liberal donations of money and land to the cemetery, its name was changed to Congressional,” and freestone cenotaphs were erected for deceased congressmen. A large vault was erected by Congress near the centre of the grounds. Among the men of prominence buried here are Vice-President George Clinton, of New York ; Elbridge Gerry, of Massachusetts, and Tobias Lear, for many years the private secretary and intimate companion of George Washington. The cemetery contains about forty acres, and extends along the Anacostia River.

Oak Hill Cemetery is situated on Georgetown Heights, and is peculiarly arranged on a series of terraces rising from the western bank of Rock Creek. It is unique and beautiful ; noble oaks cover its ground, and exquisite taste has been used in its adornment. Here is the Van Ness mausoleum, containing the remains of General Van Ness and family. Here Lorenzo Dow is buried, and here also John Howard Payne rests at last in his native land, no longer an exile from the ” Home, sweet home,” he sang of in immortal words.