Washington DC – The Bureau Of Indian Affairs

THE BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS is charged with the care of those troublesome wards of the Nation, the Indian tribes of the far West. It has apartments in the Patent Office Building, and employs about seventy clerks and others in its routine work. All the Indian agents, inspectors, etc., are under the supervision of the bureau, and it has many important duties. Clothing, food, agricultural implements, and many other things are supplied to the tribes, whose reservations extend from Lake Superior to the Pacific Ocean. Six million dollars are annually paid to the Indians. There are fifty-nine agencies, which have charge of 246,000 Indians, and outside 0f the agencies there are 15,000 Indians. The bureau pays considerable attention to the education of Indian children, and a number of good schools for them have been established. In many of the schools various industries are taught, and it is believed that in time the experiment will be tried on a large scale of educating the Indian youth to become intelligent, civilized laborers. If the boys and girls are educated to manual occupations, it is thought they will cease to have a desire for a savage life, and will become self-supporting and independent of government aid.